What if you see someone walking a dog?




This man is walking his dog.  The dog is on a leash and looks under control.  Is it safe to pat the dog?  NO! 

 First, you must ask permission from a parent, grandparent or other adult caring for you before you ask the dog owner if you can pat his (or her) dog.

After getting permission from an adult with you, slowly walk to the dog owner, stop a few feet away and ask politely:


“May I please pat your dog?”


If the owner says you may, slowly approach the dog from the front, let him sniff your closed fist and then gently touch his side or back.  Do not reach over his head; this can scare a dog.  Do not jump or squeal; that can scare a dog, too. 

 If the dog is acting silly and will not settle down, do not pat the dog.  It can jump on you and you could get hurt.  Politely say, “I do not think your dog is ready right now, thank you anyhow,” and walk away.

NEVER EVER go with someone who asks you if you want to see a cute puppy or help find a lost dog.  You need tell an adult caring for you what happened!  Not all people are nice and may try to trick you into going with them.


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