What to do if you see a loose dog


 This dog is running loose in the park.  Most dogs can run faster than an Olympic runner or even you on your bike!  Dogs like to chase things that move fast.  Sometimes, these chases can lead to someone getting hurt!   Never run from a dog, chances are he will start to chase you.  You need to be boring.  Dogs do not like boring things.


When you see a loose dog you need to:

Stop playing, running, screaming or whatever you were doing. 

 Slowly walk away from where the dog is.  If the dog comes towards you, freeze and play tree!


Stay quiet and still.  Do not stare in the dog’s eyes.  In dog talk, this can be a threat.  Just watch him and be as still as this tree!  If the dog starts to jump on you, curl up like a turtle.

If you have to play turtle make sure you put your hands behind your neck and tuck your head down.  Pretend you are a turtle getting into your shell.  Now call for help – you need it!


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