Here are some basic Dog Talk bits we should all learn!



  • Dog will try to make himself look bigger by getting on his toes, raising his hackles (area over the shoulders) and fur down the back

  •  His ears may pin and eyes narrow

  • Body will be stiff and tail out straight or slightly raised

  • Teeth shown, with or without snarling



  • Dog will cower and try to look smaller

  • Ears will be pinned and he will try to avert his gaze

  •  May or may not show teeth

  • Tail may be tucked and dog may try to back away

  • May or may not be shivering



  • Dog will be standing tall, with or without hackles raised.

  • Mouth closed

  • Ears up and forward, eyes wide

  • Tail up and may be slowing wagging


Wants to play

  • Ears forward and tail wagging

  • Eyes bright and wide, mouth slightly open and may be panting excitedly

  • Dog may be bouncing, play bowing and woofing/play growling.







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