This booklet was developed by The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project in response to the overwhelming number of calls, emails and student complaints not to mention the number of dog-related injury cases every year.  Children often receive more dog-related injuries than adults and injuries to children tend to be more severe.  There are many dog safety programs available, but sadly, many are narrowly focused.  The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project was developed to be adaptable to any school-age group and now, to any age group as well as profession.  However, since the program was developed first for children, the name remains unchanged. 

The Family Guide to Dog Safety is based on the younger children’s adaptation of The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project; therefore, it contains many pictures and easy to understand language. 
Please note: this booklet is NO substitute for seeking professional assistance with your dog.  This is just a look at how we can increase our (children, parents, dog owners and dogs) safety.

No matter what you hear or assume, there is no 100% safe breed or cross of dog.  Ultimately we make dogs what they are: good or bad.  The time and effort put into a child and/or dog will determine how safely they interact together. 

Even if you have a dog but no children or children but no dog, they still need to learn how to interact when together.

This project has been a labor of love for me and one I feel way past its time. 

Karen Peak



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