And did you know?


Many accidents happen because owners may not know how to best take care of their dogs or have ideas that are old-fashioned about how to care for dogs.


Did you know that being chained up is bad for dogs?  It can lead to bad behaviors because the dog always feels pulled back. A dog can get hurt if the ropes tangles or he runs to the end and gets snapped back.  A rope does not keep people off your property and away from your dog.  Dogs should have a safely fenced yard to be in.  Fences must be high enough that your dog cannot climb over and make sure your dog does not dig under! 

Did you know that dogs are never too young or old to learn? Even young puppies can go to puppy training classes.   Senior dogs make take a bit longer to teach, but they can still learn new tricks and learn manners!

When being walked, dogs should always be on a safe leash that is not so long you cannot manage the leash.  Four or six foot leads are nice for walking dogs.  Even if you think your dog is safe off leash while walking, he may forget his lessons and run after something or someone.  Children should not walk dogs without adult supervision for the safety of child and dog.


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