Did you know?


Did you know that dogs do not know how to share?  Just like we have to learn how to share, dogs have to be taught as well. Dogs that have not been taught how to share are more likely to try and stop us when we try to take food or a toy from them.  Leave dogs alone when they are eating or are chewing toys.  If a dog has something he should not have, let an adult stop the dog and give him a better toy!


Did you know that bored dogs are more likely to have bad manners and act up?  They need fun and games and exercise just like we do! 

Did you know that dogs get lonely?  Lonely dogs are more likely to have bad behaviors and act up when they see people.  Dogs need to be part of the family in order to be happiest and not left outside at night and ignored!

Dogs need to be our best friends and we need to teach them how to be good doggy citizens!


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