Letís talk about Safer Playing with dogs


Some games can teach dogs it is good to play roughly and even to use their mouths on us.  Play like this can lead to accidental injuries.  Teasing dogs is not nice and frustrated dogs may get rough and even bite.   Remember, dogs do not have words to tell us to stop teasing them.

Instead of games that teach dogs to be rough with us, play games that teach dogs to play nicely:

Fetch is a good game as long as it does not turn into a tugging match to get the stick or ball back!  If the dog will not let go, tell him the game is all over and walk away.  Have an adult help you teach your dog to drop toys on command.


Teach your dog tricks.  Tricks are a great way to get a dog to use its brain and to work with you.  Set up low jumps, tunnels to crawl through and hoops to go through.


Teach your dog to run with you (on leash for safety) and not to chase you! 

Other games like hide and seek with toys and treats or even with you and your family are safer games to play. 


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