How safe are you with the dogs you know?


More dog-related accidents happen from dogs we know than stray dogs. Why?  Well, we are with dogs we know a lot more than we are around stray dogs.  Many dog-related accidents happen because we do not know how to behave around dogs and we do not teach our dogs how to behave around us. 

Letís see how much you know about being safe around dogs we know!


What things do you do with your dog?

Do you think it is cute when a pup tugs your clothes or fingers?

Do you play games where your dog chases you?

Do you make your dog jump for things?

Do you play games like Tug-of-War?

Do you wrestle with your dog?

Do you tease your dog?



UH OH!  These are all things that you should not do with your dog.

Why do you think these games may be bad?



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